"With restrictions, do you think i have options to find a job?"

I live in Mexico, and I also completed my degree here. But you know I want to work in specialized engineering and research fields that are not very advanced in this area of the world. With the Covid restrictions, this is not feasible for me to travel and explore my chances in other countries. So, do you think I am out of options?

I also felt so, but fortunately, my university, the TecMilenio University, has come up with a virtual job fair. This was a life-changing event for many other students and me. We could connect to around ninety-nine big companies from around the globe without even leaving our city.

Though I had heard about the virtual fairs, I was always skeptical because of all the glitches we face, like the internet speed, video and audio pauses, and the security of my personal information that I will be posting on the forum. In this virtual job fair, though, TEAMS virtual platform is used, and it proved itself to be a great choice with its efficiency, security, and wide range of features. I must say the majority of students found it as much a great experience as a physical fair would have been.

I short-listed the top companies I wanted to connect with, and through their branded booths, I knew more about them. Personalized chat rooms provided state-of-the-art audiovisual communication and conference tools, and the interviews went very smoothly with everything possible through clicks. The best part was that employers could save my CV in their database for future use, and I could get their relevant information documents on my computer.

Another great feature they offered was the pre-screening of CVs. So, I directly connected with the department I was interested in, depending on my previous work in the university. This saved a lot of time and hassle because I was not in a queue for an interview on the actual event day but navigated through the booked appointments.

Overall, this was a great opportunity and a fulfilling experience. I want to request my university to hold more events like this and stick with its platform.

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