Wheel of Fortune Game Online

We all have played or watched Wheel of fortune games. This game kept many people glued to their screen for almost an era. TEAMS has customized this game to nurture team building and company culture with employees. The focus is to involve the employees to participate in the happy hour with their colleagues.

TEAMS crafted this special TWITTER event for LATAM employees. Being a global company and due to operations during the pandemic, the team needed a break. .

During tough times like pandemic, when everything from profits to productivity is going down, it is relatively easy to overlook small yet essential things. One example is paying attention to enhancing the virtual employee experience to make it easier for them to transition to remote work. Integrating and promoting a little bit of fun can support them and decrease employee stress to boost productivity.

TEAMS presented the idea of making connections and the environment of collaboration between the team members through virtual games and virtual happy hours. The team members could join as contestants virtually to be paired up with a team of other employees or come to watch only.

The Wheel of fortune game developed for LATAM employees had a healthy competition to earn

score, bonus, round score, and the highest total score. This raised the level of excitement and involvement. Thus the happy hour became an event which brought the employees together; they got to know each other better and helped cultivate the spirit of togetherness.

One of the most important aspects of hosting a virtual event is event management so that everything runs smoothly. TEAMS used their state of the art equipment to ensure there are no sound delays, glitches, disconnections, and every input from the participants is going in the real-time.

One professionally designed and conducted happy hour makes the foundation for tens of productive work hours. Give it a try to believe the miracle!

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