What will happen to your career?

Lockdown, you are stuck at home. Are you wondering what will happen to your career? Will you be sitting in your living room and waiting for life to resume? Of Course not. Virtual life is the new normal. So, you do not have to wait for companies to open the physical doors for recruitment. Tec de Monterrey, a university in Mexico, has allowed all the students and companies to connect and beat the restrictions. They have used a very efficient and robust software by TEAMS to give a life-changing experience to their students and ex-students.

The virtual job fair platform by TEAMS has many features that provide the environment and facilities to make it as applicable as a physical job fair. The cutting-edge technology by TEAMS has proved it to be the most robust platform for all kinds of virtual fairs. Especially in the case of job fairs, the track record of this platform is exceptional. Tec De Monterrey recently used it for their job fair, and it scaled so well to accommodate over ninety plus companies and connected them with the students. The video streaming, live chats, voice quality, and the whole function went on unseemingly, and the feedback from both the recruiters and the job seekers shows the technological edge.

1. Custom Landing Page

Custom landing pages are the core of your event marketing efforts. An eye-catching, attractive, yet easy-to-use landing page that is equally efficient on different devices is the first impression of your event. It has to have the functionality along with the design to keep the relevant people engaged.

2. Brand Identity

TEAMS virtual job fair software gives companies a unique chance to show their company culture, values, and history to make a lasting impression on the bussing talent. They can use broadcasting, 3D design, logs, and document display to achieve this goal using the software.

3. Audio and Video communication

Interactive and uninterrupted communication is the most desired feature as the purpose of a virtual job fair cannot be achieved without it. ____ uses cutting-edge technology to cover any internet or computer incompetency at the participant's end to provide a great user experience.

4. Broadcasting

Companies can use the broadcasting facility for sending messages and the artifacts that show their positive side and let the job seekers know more about them.

5. Secure Document Exchange

While the companies and students are sharing important information about them, security is an essential factor. TEAMS uses SSL, encryption, and all other security measures to guarantee any data exchange between the stakeholders.

A robust software, uninterrupted communication, and security define the TEAMS virtual job fair. The success rate of the software and the positive feedback indeed make it an attractive solution.

More information on https://www.expo.link

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