How TEAMS software could help U21

Pandemic has proved that one institution that needs the most people, the most resources, the most research, and the most efforts is indeed the health system. U21healthcare has taken this challenge to facilitate research and doctor's placement through the Virtual International Doctoral Student Forum event.

U21 has used the TEAMS CORPORATE LLC virtual event platform for this phenomenal event, and their experience so far has been great. This event has many different tracks, including the research submission, masterclasses, and review from international experts. This event is designed to encourage medical students to present their research work reviewed by a panel of internationally acclaimed experts. This is a unique opportunity because it gives all the students a fair chance to show their talent without leaving their study table. The medical fraternity will get some fresh ideas while the students also get life-changing career opportunities. U21 health sciences aim to cover as many medical fields as possible, including Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Pharmacy, Public Health, and other allied health subject areas.

The other highlight of the event is the masterclasses from researchers, where they present their valuable contribution for the students to gain from their experience. On the other hand, the students can do both oral and poster presentations.

TEAMS virtual event platform has proved its worth once again in this event management as well. The research paper submission, along with the audiovisual submission, went very smoothly. The cybersecurity features of the platform also performed exceptionally, and students and researchers could share their work with complete confidence.

As much as we need more and more research work in the medical field, we also need tools and software platforms to support the virtual lifestyle we live in this era of the pandemic. Apart from this, as the whole world is involved in this calamity, this is high time that the efforts from across the globe are unified and available for everyone to take advantage of. This is only possible through virtual collaboration software like TEAMS.

We must support such initiative with full vigor and appreciate everyone involved so that the world keeps moving in the right direction and we can get rid of this pandemic issue. More power to unity!

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