De-stress Yourself with Virtual Cooking Class for Twitter

Food and parties are part and parcel of Christmas every year. This year, things are pretty different even on Christmas eve because of the pandemic. But wait, does it mean we have to let go of all the festivity and fun on this occasion too? The answer is no, thanks to the well organized online events by TEAMS. They have successfully developed a new culture of virtual events and this Christmas has been a testimony to the significance of remote celebrations. In fact, many people have got their faith in humanity and the human need for socializing renewed through these events. We now believe strongly that no matter what circumstances we go through, we have to keep in touch to remain humane and sane.

TEAMS has come up with different work party ideas this Christmas. Since food has always been a centre point of Christmas therefore, it is impossible to not include cooking in the celebrations. TEAMS held a successful cooking class and fun trivia fro TWITTER in Miami. The workforce had hands-on cooking and serving class. They not only learned special Christmas dishes but also tried their presentation talent and plating skills.

Though the participants were physically separated but the ambience created through the technical platform and equipment allowed them to have the feeling of togetherness and celebration.

There is something magical about the human touch and being together. This year the pandemic has made us all suffer and many have succumbed to the depression and stress of living alone. We are glad that there are digital platforms with appropriate technical skill and background knowledge to recreate the bond and feeling of attachment even when the participants are not physically in touch.

The feedback from the participants shows that they enjoyed a lot and have had a fun time with each other. The collaboration and fun during the event provided them with lasting results later on.

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